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TW Electronics 1958 - 2000

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Circuit Diagrams

Most (but not all) of the information in this section has kindly been provided by Tom Withers from his archives, but some of the original drawings were extremely faded and have been 'enhanced'  with some of the writing manually 'over written' for clarity. No responsibility is accepted for any errors that may have been introduced during this process.

 TW Communicators & TW2/4 Transmitters

 TW Phase II Transverter

TW Communicators 2/4 & TW2/4 Modulator  TW Phase II Transverter  Connections TW Communicators 2/4 & TW2/4  RF Section  TW Phase II Transverter  RF Section    TW Communicators 2/4/160 RX Section            TW Phase II Transverter  Trimmers      TW Communicators Inverter P.S.U.                     TW Phase II Transverter P.S.U.              TW 2/4/160 Mobile PSU & Control Unit            

 TW Receivers and Converters

TW Receivers - Görler IF,NL & AF Modules       TW VHF Transistor Converter                             TW Communicator 160 RF Section                       TW VHF 4m Nuvistor Converter