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TW Electronics 1958 - 2000

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TW Phase II Transverter

The TW phase II transverter was the last development on the TW amateur radio production line (photo below courtesy of Tom Withers).

It used a QQVO6-40 valve in the final with a QQVO3-10 as a high level mixer. The transverter was driven with about 10w of RF at 10m and produced approx 120w pep output at 2m. The receiver section used the 6CW4 nuvistor converter described elsewhere on this website.

The photographs below (courtesy of Tom Withers) show the layout of an unmodified Phase II transverter with its built in dummy load. The 2m nuvistor converter front end is at the top left in the photo (left) below and bottom left in the photo (right) below. The RF line up of 6BW6, QQVO3-10 and QQVO6-40 can be clearly seen.

The photographs below (courtesy of Vern M0WQR) show a Phase II transverter that he is currently restoring. This one has been modified at some stage and is without it's dummy load.

The unit looks in remarkably good condition for its age (the very last unit dispatched from the TW workshop was in October 1968), and the wiring looks completely original. The two chrome handles are missing from the front. According to Tom Withers an input switching relay has appeared near the Jackson input capacitor, but he recognises the original wiring as his own ! The transverter retailed for £69.00.

Leaflet-Phase II Transverter