TW2-120 Transmitter
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TW Electronics 1958 - 2000

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TW2-120 High Power 2m Transmitter

The TW2-120 was a high power crystal controlled 2m AM/CW transmitter with an input power of 120w AM and 150w CW. It used a QQVO3-10 to drive a QQVO6-40  in the P.A. stage and was modulated by a pair of KT77s.

A separate power supply was needed to provide the HT and heater supplies via the connections on the rear of the transmitter. A Belling Lee socket on the rear was used for the microphone (crystal mic) connection. A switch on the front panel allowed up to 3 different crystals (6MHz, FT243 mounted inside) to be selected. The antenna socket was mounted on the front panel (Belling Lee, SO-239 or BNC).