TW Communicator PSU
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TW Electronics 1958 - 2000

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TW Communicator Mains Power Supply

The photograph to the left shows the matching mains power supply for the TW Communicators.

I have managed to ‘acquire’ one of these units and the photos below show the innards of my TW Communicator PSU at the time of its acquisition. Although the case looked quite rusty, it was all surface rust that I was able to remove fairly easily. The steel mesh front cover did however need replacing. The PSU does appear to work (voltages OK, but I have not yet tested it under load).

Well, since I wrote the comments above, the PSU has now been tested under load conditions, and 'touch wood' it appears to be working fine so I have now made a start on restoring it, externally at least. to its original condition. Details of the restoration appear below.

The case was given a good rub down with emery paper, and this removed all the surface rust. I then sprayed the case with several coats of grey primer so that it would be ready for its 'top' coat. The original speaker mesh was very rusty, but I managed to obtain the same type of steel mesh. I cut this to size and then 'rounded off’ the corners. The tricker bit was in ensuring that the original front chassis screw holes aligned with the holes in the mesh (well, two of of three will have to do). The mesh now needed some coats of primer before it too received a ‘top coat’. In the meantime I looked for some suitable speaker cloth to go on the inside of the mesh.

Some 'speaker cloth' almost identical to the original was located and the front panel was sprayed with several layers of its final black coating. The case still needed spraying (I was still trying to match the original colour) but it was looking much better.

I went down to a local paint 'shop' and had a can of spray paint made up to what I believed was the right colour for the final coat on the case (to match that on my TW Communicator). Over a period of time I applied several coats (the colour was fine).

After a suitable period of 'drying' I put some new feet on the case (thanks Tom) and re-assembled the unit (see the photos below). So apart from needing a touch of black paint on the screw heads, this project is now complete.