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TW Electronics 1958 - 2000

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TW Communicator 2m

The  two metre TW Communicator was a 12v AM/CW transmitter-receiver (see photo above of a unit that has recently been 'refurbished' by Tom Withers G3HGE) effectively made up of two separate chassis, a TW2 transmitter chassis and a TW Two Mobile receiver chassis. built into one case. As the TW2 was a valve transmitter requiring an HT supply, a DC-DC power supply was also incorporated. The transmitter was crystal controlled, hence the crystal socket (front left). The transistorised receiver was tuneable.   

The photographs above (courtesy of Ben Nock G4BXD) show the 'innards' of a 2m TW Communicator (although not the 'refurbished unit shown in the earlier photograph).  The valve TW2 transmitter chassis can be clearly seen as can the toroidal transformer for the DC-DC power supply (which has been mounted on a sub unit on the TW Twomobile receiver chassis). Note the 'Belling Lee' TV coax type antenna connectors. The audio board on this Communicator was replaced at some time because the original was u/s (hence the 'Eagle' label).

There is (at the time of writing) a TW Communicator 2m (kindly donated by Tom) currently on display at the National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park.

The transceiver to the right is an early model of the KW2000. Both TW and KW were of course UK manufacturers. I'm not sure why the Yaesu FT200 is in the same display.