TW Communicator 4m
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TW Electronics 1958 - 2000

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TW Communicator 4m

The  four metre TW Communicator was a 12v AM/CW transmitter-receiver made up of two separate chassis, a TW4 transmitter chassis and a TW Four Mobile receiver chassis. built into one case. As the TW4 was a valve transmitter requiring an HT supply, a DC-DC power supply was also incorporated in the Communicator. The transmitter was crystal controlled, hence the crystal socket (front left). The fully transistorised receiver was tuneable from 70.1 - 70.7MHz (the four metre allocation at that time). This Communicator of mine does not look to have the original knobs and appears to have been modified as it is missing the 'key'  socket and accompanying wiring. I will restore it to its original appearance when I can find a 'jack' socket with a chrome nut and a long enough thread to pass through the chassis and front plate.

These three photographs show the 'innards' of a 4m TW Communicator with the two separate chassis, the valve TW4 transmitter chassis and transistorised TW Four Mobile receiver chassis. There is an antenna change-over relay mounted vertically on the TW4 chassis (just adjacent to the coil in the top left hand photo).