TW Communicator 160m
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TW Electronics 1958 - 2000

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TW Communicator 160m

The  160m  TW Communicator was a 12v AM/CW transmitter-receiver effectively made up of two separate chassis, a TW 160m transmitter chassis and a TW Top Mobile receiver chassis all built into one case with a DC-DC power supply to supply the HT for the transmitter section.  The transmitter was VFO controlled (VFO dial front left) while the transistorised  receiver was tuneable separately.

The photographs above (courtesy of Tom Withers G3HGE) show a 160m TW Communicator that Tom 'acquired' for the princely sum of £15. As can been seen from the photographs, this particular model was in need of some TLC and major refurbishment but it has now been restored to beautiful condition by Tom as can be seen in the photograph below.

According to Tom  " This was a very early 160m Communicator (notice that the word 'Communicator' does not appear on the front panel). It was in a parlous state, but remarkable, virtually unmodified. I could do little to improve the condition of the chassis which was badly stained and showing signs of a hard life. I restored the front panel by stripping it back to bare metal and repainting. The lettering, which was engraved originally, I re-did using white Conuba wax".

By good fortune, Tom also managed to purloin another 160m Communicator, as shown in the photo below.

This is a later model and does have the word 'Communicator' on the front panel. According to Tom, "this Communicator was in perfect working condition but had been subjected to many modifications, none of which were of any use and were duly removed. The front panel had many extra holes which had to be filled before repainting. It is now a fully working and attractive unit" (as can be seen from the photograph below).

To say that the 160m TW Communicators are now as rare as 'hens teeth' would be a grosss understatement, so for Tom to have acquired and restored two is just wonderful (I am extremely jealous HI).

Melvyn G4VYI has kindly sent me some photographs of a 160m Communicator that he has. It appears to be in in surprisingly good condition considering its age.

Like so many of these rigs that I have come across, it has had some modifications. A Din socket has been added on the rear chassis and the key jack on the front panel has been replaced with a Din socket.

The two Din sockets appear to be wired for a microphone connection (possibly with PTT) in parallel with the original Belling Lee microphone connector.